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Member Information

Upcoming events of interest , rehearsal links, and other good stuff for the members of the Rockingham Choral Society. Think of it as an electronic online version of
announcements during a break at rehearsal. So if you have something interesting to share, send it in!

Sponsorship / Ad Campaign Materials

Form Booklet....Why Sponsor Advertise Benefits...How do I do this?

New Advertiser letter, Form, and benefits package



Want to know what's going on or post something interesting? Just click on the box above or the link over on the left there <----, and check it out.

Rehearsal material



Click on the links for you tube videos , pronounciation guides, and more.


Our program for this fall semester is going to be another exciting one!

For a preview of each peice, click on the link and it will take you to some excellent previous recordings on youtube.



Concert Information

details to follow; time, attaire etc...




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