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board xmas 2016

Officers of the Rockingham Choral Society
Director, Andrew Gaydos

President -   Charlie Smith
Past President- Clark Bourne
1st Vice President - Jack Maul
2nd,Vice President - Claudia McQueen
Secretary - Pam Schwotzer
Treasurer - Liz Smardz
Soprano Section Leader - Nan Nutt 
Alto Section Leader - Barbara Brabson
Tenor Section Leader - Bob Morse
Bass Section Leader - Bill Hull
Publicity- Carol Seely
Librarian - Darlene Graczyk
Archivist - Gail Finn
Concert Co-ordinator - Bruce Henderson
Menbership- Jean Waldron
Member at Large- Katy Kramer
Hospitality- Toy Fountain
Social Media Coordinator- Biz Durling


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